Kendra Heath
Kendra is seventeen years old, a Taurus, and her eyes are bright blue. She has freckles on her face and shoulders. Her mom's name is Jennifer Cribbs and her dad’s name is Zachary Heath, Sr. She had innumerable pets growing up but a few very important ones. Heath looks forward to be in the working world helping others and making a better place for people to enjoy. She learned to ride bike at five or six years old. Heath’s favorite series is by the author Scott Westerfeld titled Uglies. Her favorite movie is Matilda, loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's milk chocolate almond bars. Heath,s absolute favorite food is mexican, and she is a hostess at a Mexican restaurant. She loves her Vans brand shoes, and her favorite color is purple. Kendra’s all-time favorite band is The Beatles and their song ‘Come Together’ has the most meaning to her. A big part of Kendra's life has been spent writing, making music, and enjoying nature. She lost her mother when she was ten in 2009 to an accident. Heath pays bills, goes to school and is currently working everyday to graduate and go to college to major in social work and minor in electrical engineering. In life, Kendra plans on helping everyone she can to move up and live life to the fullest. Her main goal has always been to give the most she can to everyone she can. Her three favorite quotes: “Sometimes we only see how people are different from us. But if you look close enough, you can see how much we’re all alike.” -Jasmine from Aladdin the children's movie. “Don’t light yourself on fire trying to brighten someone else's existence.” - Someone's Grandmother. Heath's absolute favorite quote is, “People will always have something to say, and it will always be a direct reflection of themselves.” - Dana Falsetti   Growing up Heath's favorite part of her day was coming home to her incredible animals and family, she has one biological brother Tyson Heath (18 yr old, NHS senior.) She has a step sister, Maria who lives in Switzerland. Her stepsisters mother Soraia has been married to Heath’s father for six years in February 2017.

Kendra Heath, feature editor

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