At 18-years old, Brooke Steed is senior at Northwest. She is named after the famous actress Brooke Shields. Brooke is excited to become a hair stylist and own a couple salons in the United States. Working at Delmar Gardens is the best job for her; she enjoys being around the elderly. Pensacola, Florida is Brooke’s favorite place in the United States. She hopes to travel to the Caribbean before she dies. Baseball is her favorite sport to watch, St.louis Cardinals is her favorite team. She cheered for Upward cheerleading in elementary, and played volleyball in the seventh grade. Brooke is very picky and hates most food. Particularly onions, mushrooms, pie, cheese cakes, and much much more. But the only kind she is not picky with is Italian. She hopes to own a few salons in the future. Her top goal is five open before she turns sixty. Cosmetology is a major passion for Brooke, it relieves stress for her.   

Brooke Steed, feature editor

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