Potentially worst Missouri flooding since 1904 raises NWR-1 and regional rivers and creek

3-minute roiling boil orders / Turn Around Don't Drown / Be Safe Out There

Rob Maxwell, Advisor

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Franks road in Byrnes Mill

Abby Courtney
Abby Courtney’s Front home effected by the flood 2017. The water rose 3 to 4 feet overnight .

NWR-1 officials cancelled all after-school activities including sports, clubs and academic tutoring for Monday  May 1 as high flood waters breached homes and covered streets and highways with the prospect of even higher levels to come.

11 inches of rain fell in parts of Missouri between April 29 and 30 causing major flooding from Kansas, Arkansas and Illinois.  The major storm system stretched from Colorado to the Carolinas.  Heavy rains fell most of the day in the St. Louis area on April 26 as well.

The Current River in southern Missouri may reach 18 feet above normal level which would be nearly 9 inches above the highest crest reached on April 30, 1904 according Weather.com.

“Turn Around Don’t Drown,” is the current flood emergency slogan developed by the National Weather Service.

The NWS website reports the following: 6 inches of flood water can knock down an adult; 12 inches of flood water can carry away a car; and it is never safe to drive or walk in flood waters.

A district email reported that about 300 of the 6,000 district’s student were affected by flooding prior to the beginning of the school day May 1.  The district stated it would keep schools open to provide “students and families with a safe and secure environment.”  The district also made drinking water available for areas under boil orders.

Public Water Supply District No. 6 placed a boil order on Hoehne Springs residents along Highway W and customers in areas from Murphy  to Eureka.  Heavy rain destroyed a Hoehne Springs water main.

Those affected by a boil order must heat their water to a roiling boil (lots bubbling) for three minutes before using it for drinking, brushing teeth or preparing food.

The district email sent Sunday evening April 30 concluded: “  If you are effected by the flood understand District schools will be available for your children tomorrow, but we understand if conditions don’t allow for their attendance.


It is never an easy decision to have or close schools when faced with adverse conditions, but we believe it is in the best interest of the District to have school.  Please continue to keep those [affected] by the flood in your thoughts and prayers.”

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Potentially worst Missouri flooding since 1904 raises NWR-1 and regional rivers and creek